Special Download Area

The link below will provide access to the ILDA animation files currently on our Kam Energy SD1. Please unzip the 'Kam Animation ILDA files for Energy SD1' and place only the content folder names on a SD card. For example, only on the 1st level of the SD card will you find folders of Abstract and Text 2, etc.

Also there is a 'Text List for PRG List Mode'. This is a list animation that holds all the files in the text2 folder that will play all the animations in that file. Simply place this file in your text2 folder and change the mode on your laser to the PRG List mode to activate this series of animations in the text2 category. 

We will update this page with new downloads for your laser as soon as they become available.


Click here to access the Special Download Area


Download the Class 4 Laser Product Safety Guide from here.


Download the Class 3B Laser Guide from here. 


Download the Class 3R Laser Guide from here.

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